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Rental Assessment

A rental assessment provides an independent opinion of what a property would likely lease for on the open market.

  • Assessment

  • Expert determination

  • Arbitration

  • Advice

Trusts, Estates & Sucesson
Relationship Property

Taxation & Accounting

Assessment of Fair Market Value for accounting and taxation purposes as well as apportionment of Sale and Purchase price.

Rental Assessment

Buying & Selling

Whether buying or selling, we provide an independent, unemotive and objective opinion, as well as a comprehensive report covering the local market.  For larger, more complex transactions, we have experience in carrying out due diligence on a wide range of property types.  We can assist in pulling together a team of experts and running a thorough due diligence programme.

Expert Witness  I  Dispute Resolution  I  Litigation Support

Independent expert advice is key to assisting the courts and tribunals in proceedings, as well as informing alternative dispute resolution processes.

Trusts, Estates and Succession

Island Valuation & Advisory offer an independent opinion of value to enable the transfer of assets at a reliable estimate of market value, either current or retrospective. 

Expert Witness, Disputes, Litigaton
Buying & Seling

Rateable Value Objections & Advice 

An independent opinion of value from someone who has participated in, and understands, your market is key to ensuring a fair and equitable assessment for rating purposes. 

Rateable Value


The Public Works Act 1981 gives an Acquiring Authority wide ranging powers to compulsorily take your land for a Public Work.  A fundamental pillar of this mechanism is the notion of fair compensation.  Is is critical that any land owner approached by an acquiring authority take good advice.  In most instances the owner's costs, such as valuation fees will be recoverable from the Acquiring Authority.  Island Valuation & Advisory will work within a team of experts to maximize the opportunity for a fair and equitable outcome, by providing independent and reliable valuation input.

Tax & Acounts

Relationship Property

Division of jointly owned property can be complex.  We offer an independent, unbiased and objective opinion of value to assist in the process.

Whenua Maori

Whenua Māori

An independent valuation by a Registered Valuer is often required for:

  • Sale & purchase, partition of land, share value, succession

  • Māori Land Court purposes

  • Land status changes

  • Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993

  • Trust & incorporation administration

  • Māori leased land


Mortgage Lending

Island Valuation & Advisory works with all major lending institutions and is a member of the main banks 'High Value Panel'.  We provide an independent opinion of value for lenders to assist in decision making.  In addition to existing assets, we can also provide an opinion of value on an 'as if complete' basis.

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